You are currently viewing Royal Engagement Rings part 2 narrated

Royal Engagement Rings part 2 narrated

Here Are Some Of The Most Spectacular Royal Engagement Rings

Princess Marie of Denmark

The danish Prince Joachim, asked his French girlfriend Marie Cavallier to marry him with a truly thoughtful token of his love. The ruby, diamond and sapphire tricolour ring was chosen by the groom to reflect the colours of Princess Marie’s homeland’s flag in a nod to her heritage.

Princess Caroline of Monaco and Hanover

For her first marriage to Philippe Junot, Princess Caroline received a Ceylon sapphire ring with a diamond trillion on either side. 

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

Crown Prince Pavlos used a cabochon sapphire that belonged to his mother, Queen Anne-Marie, and added a heart-shaped diamond on the side when he proposed to Marie-Chantal Miller.

Princess Tatiana of Greece

Prince Nikolaos proposed with a sapphire that was a gift from his mum Anne-Marie. He added the surounding tiny diamonds.

Queen Rania of Jordan

Queen Rania’s engagement ring features a yellow rectangular stone surrounded by diamonds.

princess keisha omilana of nigeria

Princess Keisha’s stunning diamond engagement ring is set on a silver band

Princess Alexia of Greece

this is simple and modern a single diamond on a wide band.

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

The white gold ring studded with diamonds forming lilies and 2 tiny ruby hearts was designed by her husbands grandfather, Andreas Solberg.

Beatrice Borromeo

Beatrice’s ring a pear-shaped yellow diamond with a halo of diamonds on a diamond band.

Ekaterina Malysheva Princess of Hanover

this is a sapphire on a thick and detailed diamond band

Clotilde, Princess of Venice and Piedmont

It features a central ruby with 14 white diamonds, all in heart shapes.

soraya of iran

In 1952 The young second wife of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi of Iran received a massive a huge 22.37 carat diamond ring.

Princess Nathalie of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg

Alexander Johannsmann gave Princess Nathalie this petite diamond set on a gold band

Victoria, Countess Spencer

Earl Spencer gave this dual ruby and diamond ring topped with a crown to his first wife, Victoria Lockwood. It’s very similer to a ring queen victoria recieved as a wedding present from her sister Princess Feodora of Leiningen.

Empress Joséphine of France

Its a “toi et moi” (you and me) ring featuring two stones one a pear-shaped diamond, the other a pear-shaped sapphire, set on a simple gold band.

Marie Antoinette

The Hope Diamond was, until recently, the largest faceted diamond in the world, and is probably the most famous and historically interesting diamond. the diamond was rarely seen, until Louis XVI gave it to Marie Antoinette when they got married.

Mary Adelaide by Prince Francis of Teck

A gold and jewelled ring with five table-cut rectangular Burmese rubies of graded sizes alternating with twelve diamonds, in an open setting with punched decoration to sides. Inscribed Franz, April 6, 1866

serena stanhope Viscountess Linle

Princess Margaret’s son, David, gave Serena Stanhope a diamond ring on a delicate gold band and a gold wedding band, both from Wartski.

Princess Alice, the Duchess of Gloucester

Prince Henry presented Lady Alice Montagu Douglas Scott with a simple square sapphire ring.

Marina, the Duchess of Kent, princess of greece

Prince George, Duke of Kent proposed with a square 7 carat Kashmir sapphire with a baguette diamond on either side set in platinum

Lady Sarah Chatto

Princess Margaret’s daughter, Lady Sarah, married Daniel Chatto in 1994 and received this vintage old style diamond cluster ring.

Queen Anne-Marie of Greece

this ring has 2 sapphires, both surrounded by diamonds

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