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The Bewitched Inn, 1897

A traveler, complete with riding boots and a pith helmet, arrives in a small hotel room. When he puts his luggage on the bed, it disappears immediately. Further magical confusions follow: when he sets down his helmet, it jumps to the floor and moves of its own accord before disappearing in its turn; when the traveler tries to light a candle, it jumps across the room and explodes; when he takes off his coat, it flies through the wall; when he tries to sit down, his chair changes place. Finally managing to sit down, the traveler takes off his boots, which walk away; when the traveler moves to the night table, it too disappears. The traveler prepares for bed and takes off his trousers, which fly through the ceiling. When he jumps into bed, it too disappears and reappears. The perplexed and irritated traveler gives up and dashes out of the room.

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